What you need to know about Grinding Coffee Beans

Grinding your own Coffee Beans

Today I'm going to tell about grinding your own beans.
I have five rules that I came up with for grinding your own coffee beans.

The first rule is to always grind your own coffee beans.

The second rule is to always grind your own coffee beans

EZE Hand Burr Coffee Grinder

The third rule is to use a burr grinder and not a blade grinder or blender, plain grinders just chop up the beans and sometimes the blades can heat up and actually roast coffee beans a little more.
So now there are two types of burr grinders you can use, one burr grinder is an automatic grinder or an electric grinder that is pretty great. You just pop the beans in, and you set the grind setting, and then you just let it fly.
I personally like using a manual or a hand burr grinder. That's because it just feels good to grind the beans yourself, and it's perfect for travel.

The fourth rule is to measure out your beans before you grind.
So when you do the proper coffee measurement using grams on a kitchen scale, you want to measure out the whole bean and then grind it.

The fifth and final rule is to know your grind settings.

Grind settings

Coffee Grind sheet

There are actually three main grind settings and that's Coarse, Medium and Fine. And then there are grind settings that are above below in between those settings.
The first and the largest setting is called the Extra Coarse setting and that's when the grind sizes are actually really kind of big almost like big pieces of sea salt and that's perfect for cold brewing.
The second grind is the Coarse Grind. Coarse Grind is a good setting for French presses and anything with a mesh screen.
The third setting is Medium Coarse, and this is right between Course and Medium, and it's perfect for Chemex systems which are actually my favorite brewing system.
The fourth setting is the Medium setting and this is the ubiquitous setting for all commercially ground coffee and it's perfect for drip brewing coffee. Which is why it's perfect for commercial brewing coffee. So if you're making coffee with a drip brewer use a Medium grind.
The fifth setting is a Medium Fine, this is between Medium and Fine setting, and this is perfect for pour-over coffee.
The sixth setting is the Fine setting and this is the final setting of the three main settings.
The seventh setting is the Extra Fine setting. Remember these are just guidelines for settings. You can actually experiment with any setting and any brewing method. So if you really like a fine grind with a French press you can totally do that. And if you like to try a Coarse grind with an Aeropress you can do that too.


Experiment, find what you like and then stick to it for as long as you want!

That's it! Those are the five rules for grinding coffee.
If you have any more questions, ask them in the comments below.
Do you remember the first rule? It's always grind your own beans!

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